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We are a consulting firm that provides dynamic training and facilitation  for opportunity youth (current and former foster,probation, homeless, at risk youth) age 14-25 and formerly incarcerated individuals 18+ in the areas of workforce development, life skills, career exploration and personal branding . We also provide staff training and professional development for organizations that offer direct services to foster, probation, homeless and youth in general throughout the United States. We are based in Southern California (Greater Los Angels Area) and we currently lead the industry in efforts to train opportunity youth through the use of various curriculums and innovative techniques.




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More than just job training!


EQPD allows clients to express themselves freely while exploring realistic options that may become eventual career paths. Socialization, soft skills acquisition, communication and conflict resolution are just a few of the core competencies that are presented to each client.  We also specialize in strengthening staff and service providers by introducing creative and cutting edge methods of engagement and facilitation across social service, educational and employment based organizations. We place an emphasis on discussing effective  methods towards the development of cultural competency while remaining true to a trauma informed model of training and facilitation.



Client Services

Individual and Group settings/Media Marketing

EQPD can offer a wide range of training options for clients that include individual, group, seminar or conference based settings. Please contact an EQPD representative in order to determine which option will work best for your needs. There are also a host of Multi-Media development options for small run video projects and creative communication needs (Please request information regarding options for content creation).

Staff Training/Development

Departmental or Collaborative trainings

EQPD has been selected on several occasions for the delivery of staff training  and professional development where one or more organizations send employees that need consultation and preparedness regarding best practices for providing services to youth ages 14-25, formerly incarcerated and hard to place clients.


Online Community

COmputer, Tablet or Mobile Phone Access

Information about EQPD can be accessed through the use of any device with internet connectivity. Blogs, Video links, journal excerpts and current events related to Employment are main features of the EQPD Social Media environment. Subscriptions are encouraged and feedback is always appreciated.


Scheduling is ongoing

EQPD Services are in high demand and it is very important to schedule any training sessions, workshops, seminars or general consultation at least one month in advance. Please feel free to contact an EQPD representative with any questions regarding availability, presentations or fee's.

Theres a Long Road Ahead....


Like many of the clients that we serve through EQPD we have a long road ahead as we try to create positive strides while  establishing groundbreaking methods within the realm of professional development for foster youth and individuals with barriers to employment. We could certainly use your support and as we expand our provisional footprint please feel free to subscribe to our monthly newsletter. We encourage feedback, commentary and any donations or financial contributions. 100% of each donation or financial contribution will go towards the development of new and innovative materials or the purchase of supplies that are used to create online content. Thank you for your ongoing support and if you know of any foster youth in need of employment development or career exploration please direct them to our blog where we have a more interactive experience.